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                                  CRUSH U11 2015 Division 1A  Champions                                 Coaches Jeff  Plympton & John  Kelleher

Crush U11 Div1A Championship 2015v1                  Jonanthan Rittehberg,Jack Summers,Mathew Linehan,                              Jack Hansen,David Floyd,Adam Pearstein,Luke Tocci,Daniel                 Brady,   Liam Mulkern,Charlie Katsikaris,Mathew Todd,Dylan                Gordan,Mathew Difiore

    CRUSH U13 2015 Division II  [5-0] Pool ChampionsU13 Division II Pool Campionsv1             Trent Flood,Chris Daniels, Christian Brady, Jack Sabatini,                      Chris Floyd,Matt Petterson,Bryan Testa,  Nolan Gunning,                 Brennan Rivera, Colin Steck, Garrett Poirier, Joey Linehan, Adam Nicastro  [not pictured, Yash Sakhalkar & Coach Jason]   [Head Coach Mike Hart]

Welcome to Plympton Crush Baseball based in Wrentham MA. 

Jeff Plympton is a former Boston Red Sox pitcher and owner of the Plympton Crush Baseball.  We had a successful 2015 season where Crush, participated in select tournaments, i.e., Baseball Heaven in Long Island and in the local New England region where  top baseball talent is played. We are now looking forward to the 2016 season where we will continue to develop returning and new players to the Crush team organization, During the 2016 season we’ll supplement the schedules with double headers against very competitive teams throughout New England.  Home games are typically played at the Rice Complex or King Philip High School in Wrentham, MA. 

 GO !!!!


100 Year Celebration-Plympton & Vaughn

This is the site of the Plympton Crush Baseball Team